School Gear Warranty

Enjoy 3 Years Warranty on School Gear Collection

3 Years Warranty on all School Gear collection and even when the 3 years are over please come and tell us what’s wrong. Your CUBS should last you for so many years designed with naughty kids and active teenagers in mind.

School Gear Materials

Design With The World’s Best Materials.

We pride ourselves that we choose the very best materials for all our bags. Our School gear is designed by real moms along with several local and international designers to ensure both moms and kids are happy. We have listened to you and upgraded all our zippers to high quality SBS Zippers, one of the world’s best zipper brands.

Bag Testing

We Apply Three Types of Testing

This test is done by putting very high weight (up to 10kg) in every bag and pulling the bag through a lift to see how far the stitching will endure.

Zipper Testing

Testing Zipper Quality & Accessories Color Change

In this test, the zipper of the bag is opened and closed around 8,000 to 10,000 times to make sure the quality of the zipper will sustain you through several years.